China Light with bracket suppliers

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China Light with bracket suppliers

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This is a new light of us, the cover is fully SS304 material, also the stand frame; the body is aluminum material, can be made of 12x1W, 12x2W, 12x3W LED, of different angles, Common Anode or common cathode, can be made in DMX control, PLC control, 4wires/4 leads control.
1. Adopt high power LED which is encapsulated by high efficiency and latest heating conducting structure.
2. Internal/External constant current driver inside the housing so that the LED yacht light can be installed for both 12V or 24V boat directly. No outside driver is required.
3. RGB 36W LED underwater light made with high quality marine grade stainless steel 316 housing or bronze AB2 shell has excellent corrosion-proof, makes the light to use in sea water freely.
4. Waterproof (IP68), Shake-proof, Energy-saving, Environment-friendly.
5. Easy to installation, Lifetime Reliability
Power 36W Size 215x84x155mm
Housing Material Stainless steel Color Temperature RGB or single
Lumens 110-120 lm/W Power factor >0.95
Working Temperature -20°C-50°C Weight 2.5 kg
Led Chip Edison Corrosion-Proof Grade WF2
Cable 6-8mm IP Grade IP68
Application Underwater Voltage DC12-DC36V
Warranty 2 Years Lifespan ≥ 50,000 hrs
China Light with bracket suppliers
website:http://www.maggie-water-fountain-equipm ... ter-light/
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