Hydraulic Cylinder Parts Made in China

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Hydraulic Cylinder Parts Made in China

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Hydraulic cylinder component parts are inseparable parts for a hydraulic. A hydraulic cylinder is the mechanical actuator that provides mechanical power to construction equipment, most notably engineering vehicles, manufacturing machinery, and civil engineering equipment. The hydraulic cylinder utilizes several individual parts that work together to create the large force in a unidirectional stroke. Flanges, trunnions, clevises and lugs are common cylinder mounting options. The piston rod also has mounting attachments to connect the cylinder to the object or machine component that it is pushing or pulling.
The parts are easy to install, small in size and light in weight.
A variety of installation methods save space.
Rich manufacturing experience.
From material selection, engineering specifications to manufacturing methods, one-stop solutions are available.
Machining RangeForged Factory Supply Die Forging Hydraulic Parts for Oil Cylinder
MaterialCarbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel
EquipmentCNC Machining Center
Steel TreatmentForging, Q+T(Quenching+Tempering), Solution treatment, Heat treatment
Machining Process Turning, milling, drilling, broaching, lathe, grinding, laser machining, wire edm, welding, punching threading, boring, counterboring, countersinking, tapping, reaming.
Machining ServiceRough machining, Precision machining, Milling, Rolling, Hole drilling, Stamping
Surface TreatmentHeat treatment, oxide coating, plating, finishing, painting, galvanized, plated chrome
Yield Strength≥320 Mpa
Tensile Strength≥580 Mpa
Market ServedConstruction machinery parts, oilfield petroleum parts, engine parts, marine parts, spare parts for mining machinery, coal mine drill, forklift, agricultural machinery, railway and train, excavator, hydraulic field parts, shipbuilding parts, pump spare parts, industrial machines, grinding, roller press.
Main ProductsMachined Rings, Machined Shafts, Machined Flat Round Bars, Machined Sleeves, Bushes, Bushing, Machined Parts, Blocks, Machined shells, Shaft Axle Roll, Hydraulic cylinder and components.
QC100% strict inspection before packaging
NOTE: Tolerances when nothing else given,according to ISO 2768-mH, internal and external radius when nothing else given R0.2-0.4. Given surface finish is max.Ra in any direction of the surface.
Suitable for material handling equipment, road trucks, ground care equipment, aerisl lifts, medical chairs and tables, forestry equipment, garbage compressors and recycling bins, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, garbage trucks, oil & gas machinery, etc.Hydraulic Cylinder Parts Made in China
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